Thursday, October 27, 2016

Robb Armstrong

This is the great ORIGINAL ART for the comic strip JumpStart by Robb Armstrong! Featuring his main character Joe Cobb, a policeman with his partner Crunchy, getting ready to apprehend a perpetrator! The art is inked on paper mounted to foam core measuring 14.5x4.75”, and appeared in newspapers in 2005. Signed “Armstrong” in the second panel.

In West Philadelphia born and raised, on the playground is where he could have spent the rest of his days, but Robb Armstrong had an interest in cartooning, Charles Schulz being his earliest cartooning hero. The youngest of five children being raised by a single mother, Robb had some tough surroundings in his formative years, which he talks about in his new biographical book Fearless. While things were never easy, Robb rose to the top with his work and remains a positive inspiration to all who come in contact with him. Even his hero, Charles Schulz, once said of him, “Robb Armstrong populates his comic strip with great, well-drawn characters…and that’s the whole thing.” Schulz paid him the ultimate compliment one day when he called Robb to tell him that his first black character in Peanuts, Franklin, was going to have a last name - Franklin Armstrong.

Click on the art for an enlarged view!

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