Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Ron Ferdinand

This is an ORIGINAL DRAWING (not a print) of one of the most recognizable characters from newspaper comics pages, Dennis the Menace walking along nonchalantly past his mother, Alice, who is wondering what mischief her little one is up to. Drawn on 8.5x11” paper, this great colored marker drawing comes to us from Ron Ferdinand, the artist who has drawn the Dennis the Menace Sunday comics since 1983. Signed.

The Dennis the Menace comic strip by creator Hank Ketcham first appeared in newspapers in 1951. A former Disney animator, Ketcham’s bold sense of design and composition made his strip stand out on the comics page, and his little character became a huge hit - so big a hit that Dennis started being reinterpreted in other media such as with a comic book drawn by other artists, his own live-action television show in the late 50s, an animated TV show in the 1980s, and several live-action movies where Mr. Wilson was played by Walter Matthau, Don Rickles, and Robert Wagner. Today the comic strip is carried on daily by Marcus Hamilton, and the sequential Sundays by Ron Ferdinand.

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