Monday, November 7, 2016

Pete Docter, Jonas Rivera, Ronnie del Carmen, & Michael Giacchino

We are excited to be able to offer this, the 27x40" double-sided theatrical poster for Pixar's Inside Out, this year's winner of the Oscar for Best Animated Feature. Donated by the movie's director and fellow NCS member Pete Docter, it came signed by Pete, co-director Ronnie del Carmen, and producer Jonas Rivera. Since we've had it in our hands, we were also able to get Oscar-winning film music composer Michael Giacchino to sign it as well!

Pete Docter is one of the guys who helped build Pixar into the company it is today having started way back before Toy Story, the studio's first feature film. You have enjoyed his other directing efforts with the original Monsters, Inc. and Up. Pete has been nominated for Oscars EIGHT times, winning two for Up and Inside Out.

Jonas Rivera has been with Pixar since Toy Story, and has worked in a management capacity through their history of films. His first producer credit was on Up, for which he and Pete Docter received their first Academy Award. They struck gold again for Inside Out.

Ronnie del Carmen has been with the studio for a long time as well, having been one of their key story artists for many years. He very memorably boarded the sequence in Up when Carl and Ellie go through married life with the ups and downs of health, pregnancy, and old age aided audibly with a beautiful piece of music by Michael Giacchino.

Michael Giacchino has become one of the most exciting film score composers in the past 10 years. After a start with video games (Medal of Honor) and television (Alias, LOST), he blasted onto the big screen with his exciting music for Pixar's The Incredibles. He has gone on to score for Ratatouille, Up (his Oscar win), Cars 2, Zootopia, Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol, Dawn of the Planet of the ApesJurassic World, all three of the recent Star Trek movies, and recently finished Doctor Strange. You will hear his latest efforts as the first composer to create music for a theatrically released live-action Star Wars movie since John Williams when Rogue One hits theaters this holiday season. In fact, Michael took a few minutes from working on Rogue One to sign this for us!

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