Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Jim Borgman & Jerry Scott

This is the ORIGINAL ART for the Zits comic strip that appeared in newspapers on March 16, 2007. It is drawn by Jim Borgman, the Pulitzer Prize winning editorial cartoonist, and written by Jerry Scott (who also writes the strip Baby Blues). Featuring a fun gag about the relationships between parents and teenager, the original is inked on a 16x5.75” piece of Bristol board and is signed “Scott and Borgman” in the first panel.

Zits first debuted in 1997 and quickly became one of the most popular comic strips of today. The talent of Jerry Scott and Jim Borgman melded together so well as this team has continued creating the strip together for almost 20 years. During their time working together, Zits has won many awards, but most impressively, both men have individually won the National Cartoonists Society’s highest honor - the Reuben Award.

Click on art for an enlarged view!

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