Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Rick Kirkman & Jerry Scott

This is the ORIGINAL ART for the Baby Blues comic strip that appeared in newspapers on November 16, 2006. It is drawn by Rick Kirkman and written by Jerry Scott (who also writes the strip Zits). What parent can’t relate to this joke where couch crunch is served up for breakfast? The original is penciled and inked on a 14.5x5.3” piece of Bristol board and is signed “Kirkman & Scott” in the last panel.

Baby Blues first debuted in 1990 instantly relating to new parents everywhere. The talent of Jerry Scott and Rick Kirkman has served the strip so well that they have been creating it together for the past 26 years. Baby Blues has won many awards over the years, but both creators have individually won the National Cartoonists Society’s most prestigious honor - the Reuben Award.

Rick Kirkman creates the strip digitally these days, so original art of new comics doesn’t exist. Don’t miss this chance to add real Baby Blues art to your collection!

Click on the art for an enlarged view!

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