Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Dan Piraro

This is the ORIGINAL ART (not a print) for Bizarro, a comic strip that has remained delightfully wacky and insightful since its debut in 1985 due to the wit and wisdom of its creator, Dan Piraro. This is the original art to a Sunday Bizarro (from August 28, 2011), which means it is bigger and better than art from a daily strip. (It also means it is a rare and precious item because Dan currently draws the strip digitally!) It was inked on a 14x9” piece of Bristol board, and features a hilarious joke about the off-duty lives of the Muppets! Signed in the top right corner.

As a bonus, Dan Piraro included his own certificate of authenticity written and signed by his own hand!!! (Probably the right hand taking a swim in the comic.)

Dan Piraro continues creating his fabulous comic strip today (now in its 31st year!) to the delight of readers, and finds the time to also create equally bizarre, but unbelievably beautiful fine art paintings. He is soon coming out with his own adult coloring book that Bizarro fans young and old will thoroughly enjoy.

Click art for an enlarged view!

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